February 22, 2018

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Joji Nagashima designer of BMW e39 and e90


Designer of BMW was Joji Nagashima,

Japanese designer born in Tokyo and educated in Japan and at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (ended in 1980) – a university where Robert Kearns, an engineering professor at Wayne, invented the first intermittent car windshield wipers (in 1964).
Since 1988. Joji Nagashima has been working with BMW, he is now based in Munich.

He is a modest man and a brilliant designer. Nagashima also designed BMW E36/7,  Z3, the E39 5 series and E90/E91 3 series.

Nagashima has 22 international patents with BMW for the car body design; his designs were classic at the moment of their creation.

E39 5 series designed by Nagashima under Rietzle will remain one of the most beautiful BMW’s ever created.

Development for the E34’s successor started in 1989, internally known as “Entwicklung 39″ and ended in 1995. The final design by Joji Nagashima was selected in June 1992 and later frozen for production under new design chief Chris Bangle. With design selection in 1992, the first series development phase began and took 39 months till start of production. The domestic German design patent was filed on April 20, 1994, utilizing an E39 prototype.

Bmw e39 design


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